Is An Oil Career Right For You?

Oil industry careers are some of the positions that professionals and engineers crave the most. The work is often hard and even grueling, but it typically pays off big time in terms of income and compensation. Whether you’re a business professional, field worker, research analyst, or an engineer, you can discover rewarding career paths in the industries of oil and gas.

Drilling Consultants

Career Insider has data showing that drilling consultants average incomes of $128K per year. They are the professionals responsible for the daily operations of rigs and who supervise projects, ensuring that everything necessary happens in an orderly fashion. They relay the orders of the drilling superintendent. The companies paying the most who are seeking out new drilling consultants to hire tend to require employees to have either a bachelor’s degree in engineering or science on top of six to eight years of professional experience in the oil industry.

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These professionals play crucial roles in the industries of oil and gas. The American Association of Petroleum Geologists reports that they can average $153K in annual salary once they have 10 to 15 years of professional experience. Geologists are needed for their expertise in helping determine the optimal locations to drill potential wells. Oil wells involve millions of dollars of investment, and oil companies are entirely reliant upon what geologists find and judge. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is mandatory for this career path, but a master’s degree is even better. As you can see from this post on Fircroft, there is a lot of growth and work in the oil area.

Subsea Engineer

The oil industry typically has a high demand for all kinds of engineers. Subsea engineers are especially wanted for their responsibility in both the design and construction of mechanisms that will drill for oil underneath the water. This is one case where the typical salary will wind up depending on just which of the oil corporations you will work for. Per information from, the highest average salaries for current subsea engineers is courtesy of Air Resources Americas, at $272,618 each year. Many professional years of experience are required here as well as a bachelor’s degree in either engineering or sciences.

Truck Driver

Truck driving jobs don’t require much more than minimal experience, but they’re still well-compensated. There’s always a need for truck drivers to haul oil or supplies. A college degree isn’t necessary for truck driving, and per, the typical salary is $45K annually. The salaries of truck drivers do vary based on the state that they’re located in at the time.

Useful Tips For Those Aspiring To Work In Oil And Gas

Workers and professionals in the many fields that work in the gas and oil industries typically have particular qualities that made them great job candidates to start with. Flexibility is one of them, as is the ability to work with others well. Strong communication skills and problem-solving abilities also matter. Oil and gas jobs typically mean a lot of travel and quite a few hours, which is why flexibility is so essential. Families typically move in order to accommodate an employees transition from one project to the next. Those who are willing to adapt to new circumstances and tackle new challenges are ideal for a career in this industry. Teamwork is a major career component in this field. Employees spend a lot time consulting with their peers on projects so that they can solve problems and make cumulative decisions. Independent thinkers prove ideal in this line or work.

While careers in the field of oil and gas are well-compensated, they are also rife with problems. Business analysts have to choose how a project is funded, as well as how it’s accounted for. In a similar vein, engineers are needed for robust problem-solving ability for many projects. Also, just as in most other careers, communication skills prove essential in this field. Hopefully, these tips and advice will help you land the career you dream of in oil and gas.


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