LH-CRYPTO – features of Start, Standart and PRO accounts

The difference between the “Start” and “Standard” accounts

These types of accounts at the broker LH-CRYPTO differ in their requirements for a minimum deposit and their terms KYC (documents provided to customers).

“Start” has minimum basic requirements. If you choose this service, you can start trading immediately after registration.

Limitations on the minimum deposit are not. Technically, you can conclude deals with micro-lots for several instruments (i.e., EUR / USD), even if your account balance is equivalent to 10 EUR.

On the standard account, you need to download the documents and wait for their confirmation.

The minimum deposit is equivalent to 1000 euros.

These two accounts at the LH-CRYPTO broker are used for withdrawing funds (with an increase in the balance in the account, you may have a higher leverage, as well as daily limits on withdrawal of funds and higher).

PRO Account Features

The PRO account with the LH-CRYPTO broker is the main way that does not pay attention to leverage.

This service has a maximum daily limit for automatic withdrawal of funds. In addition, for some tools, a lower premium spread is available.

A crypto broker can provide documentation requested by the accounting department of legal entities.

The minimum balance for this service is equivalent to 25 000 euros.

Pro users also need to provide a more extensive set of documents.

Transition from “Start” account to “Standard”

You can open a new account or update your current account.

You need to download the necessary documents and fill out the empty items in the registration form in order to update and supplement your data.

Also, please, prevent that the balance of your account meets the requirements of the account and, if necessary, replenish the account.

Minimum deposit amount

The minimum deposit amount for the account “Start” at the broker LH-CRYPTO is absent.

Technically, you can make transactions for some instruments (for example, EUR / USD) about only 10 euros to your account.

On the account “Start” it is recommended to have a deposit of at least 300 euros.

For standard request service not less than 1000 euros.

For the Pro service, this is equivalent to 25,000 euros.


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