FSSAI LICENSE; what exactly it is?

To get a license for anything basically food related firm one must know about the FSSAI which stands for the food safety and standard authority of India sounds quite clear that what it does for? This large firm which actually run solely by government so calling it an organization belongs to the central government is just a general term and the all in all for this one is ministry of health and welfare of India. The degree of accountability has been taken by the firm to check all the food related laws are being taken seriously or not and undoubtedly someone is looking to have one then has to follow it.

All the food operator are governed by the laws made by FSSAI so no need to be telling that you have to go after those rules and every food containing item should be the up to the mark even a tiny food item. Now here is the point that how it can check all the process which has been centralized by this firm there is the certificate given by the FSSAI called license unique and different from others. Fundamentally a kind of course of action need to be followed by all the food operator justify the law which FSSAI License has made for all food related company.

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For every kind of food business the different license has been made by the FSSAI and the FBO has the right to identify the sort of license completely based on the business either it is veg food industry or the non veg food industry. As people know clearly that India is second largest country of world based on the population and diversity makes it more complicated to be issued food license based on every states.

Ultimately the classification of license registration need attention if someone is really looking to get a license for his newly food business; the registration process is very important and based on the every state is quite different. Talking about the charges decided by the FSSAI is for the registration is 12 lac based on the annual turnover as well as the license for the every state is between 12 lac to 20 Cr annually. Now one’s should understand that it is not for all types of the food companies run in India so need to know about all types of charges is quite mandatory.

If we generalize the milk based manufacturer charges then it will be quite poles apart in comparison to the vegetables oil processing units which is 2 metric tons per day whereas the other are having their own specific criteria to get the license. Central and the state government are entirely responsible for issuing the license when somebody is looking to get license for the food related business and everything belongs to this is very crucial. Either small or large food business which is to be opened on a large basis needs a license because it is a vital thing for the business.


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