What Is The Difference Between Good and Bad Debt?

One of the most stressful moments is checking out at your bills each month. In most cases, you will feel overwhelmed when it comes to money, especially if you are spending too much on debt. It may be feeling like a trap to fight your way out, but do not worry because not all debt is bad.

When you go to a financial institution, and lenders make an inquiry on your credit report to see the number of accounts you have, they will see that some debts are more favoring when compared with others.

In case that you are focusing your efforts to get out of the debt, the first thing you should understand is which debts are considered well and which ones are considered bad as well. That way, you will be able to make priorities when repaying them and get rid of the bad first.

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What Is Good Debt?

You can consider some of your debt as an investment, and most people think that this particular thing is useless. How can we think of debt as an investment?

If you take a loan with the idea to purchase something that will increase its value as time goes by and increase your overall financial health, then this particular debt good be a good thing for your score.

For instance, mortgage debt can be considered as a debt that will not interfere with your overall score. Since most homes will appreciate, the mortgage loan is some investment that will provide you economic revitalization in case you wish to sell it.

Another example of good debt is taking a student loan so that you can improve your education and finance going to a college.

Since this particular investment will provide you the ability to become an expert that will improve the annual income, the more invest in yourself, the more you will earn in the future. You should click here to learn more on the idea of debt.

What Is Bad Debt?

If you are taking debt to purchase things that you consume, then we are talking about bad debt. This particular type of debt creates an unhealthy situation inside your household.

For instance, credit card debt is considered as a bad debt primarily because of the nature of things that you will purchase with it. That is the main reason why we recommend you to avoid loaning money and entering the debt for buying everyday items such as food or clothes.

In case that you use your credit capabilities for these purchases, it should be intentional, and with investment in the future, that will prove yourself worthy. For instance, to earn rewards and to improve your financial future.

The idea is to pay these balances each month in full so that you can reduce the ability to get bad credit score.

Even if you loan money to take a vacation, this is considered bad debt because you are not investing in something that will revitalize your financial situation. Also though it will help, you feel much better and productive than before; a vacation will not appreciate.

Therefore, we recommend you to avoid using loans to pay for vacation and especially if you cannot afford it.

The Idea Is To Make Proper Choices

The idea is to make wise decisions about your spending and to avoid spending on things that you cannot afford. It is a much better choice to prevent and wait to buy something instead of loaning money that will provide you the same thing.

Therefore, the sole purpose of having a good debt is to increase your earning potential but according to your reality.

For instance, if you have no other ways to improve your education and you wish to enter the college to enhance your earning potential that is a valid reason for taking a loan.

The idea is to analyze your financial picture and determine how to pay off your bad debts based on the things we have mentioned above.

Check out this website: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/pf/12/good-debt-bad-debt.asp so that you can learn more on good and bad debts.

It is an excellent idea to focus on paying bad debts first, primarily because they do not provide value, and the more you have them, the more they will affect your credit score, which will reduce the possibility of getting more loans in the future.

Some people think that they should use good debt to pay for a bad one. For instance, by getting a mortgage for $120K instead of $100K you need for the house, you will be able to use the additional money to pay for your bad debts such as credit card balances.

However, this is not a good thing to do, because repaying debt with another one is never something you should do per se. It will also take much longer to pay a mortgage than it would on the other hand.


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