How to Crowdfund Lymphoma Treatment

Simply put, lymphoma is cancer of the lymph nodes. Lymphoma is not completely untreatable but it needs to be detected early for the patient to survive. One prominent kind of lymphoma is Hodgkins Lymphoma which is essentially the cancer of the lymph nodes of the neck region. Different kinds of lymphomas may need different kinds of treatment but rest assured all these treatments are quite expensive. Even to be sure that you have cancer, you need to do a biopsy and the cost of a biopsy can go up to 10,000 rupees which is unaffordable for a lot of people in this country.

Lymphoma treatment would largely depend on your doctor and what they think is best for you. Often, you will have a team of doctors to assist you. They will decide on your treatment depending on how far the cancer has progressed. The idea is to treat the cancer as efficiently as possible without posing risks to your long term health. This is important as recovering from cancer treatment needs a strong body and if the treatment damages the body already, chances of recovery reduce. Your treatment will also depend on pre-existing health conditions, age, gender, and various other factors.

However, one thing that is for certain is that your treatment will be expensive. This is where fundraising india comes in. If you are suffering from lymphoma, you need not worry about money, is what we want to say. You will obviously raise the question as to how that is even possible. But we assure you from Impact Guru, a crowdfunding platform which has raised 650 crores of money already that you do not need to worry about money. There are a lot of people willing to help you all over the world. And we, who have connections in fifteen countries, will help you connect with them.

Do you know that fundraising india has become India’s biggest alternative to health insurance? Say goodbye to exploitative corporations, the power of the people can help you. So here is what you can do to access this new system. Visit the website of a crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru which has experience in medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding. Once you have done this, set up a fundraiser for yourself or the person you care about who is ill. Remember that you should explain your conundrum very clearly. If possible, put up a picture of the afflicted person. Along with this, do not forget to upload supporting medical documents.

We advise this as the internet is full of scammers and having documents with you along with the name of a crowdfunding website can help you gain brownie points with donors. Once you have started the fundraiser, wait for our campaign manager to get in touch with you. You two can figure out fundraising strategies. Once you have done this and the fundraiser is up and functioning on social media, your campaign to treat lymphoma is in full swing. Within 48 hours, Impact Guru will release the money you need.

Now do you realize why we asked you to not worry about money? Because there are way too many people out there in the fifteen countries we operate in who can help you. Fundraising india is here to stay and the most you should think about in times of illness is your recovery, which you will get to. With the love and prayers of all of these people.


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